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Quick Guide to Dating Without Breaking the Bank as a Young Woman

So money is not everything when you’re planning a date, yeah? Okay, good. Having a lot of money to spend on a date gives you a longer list of things to do. However, the not-so-awesome fact is, not everyone has the financial capability to pull off Jon Favreau’s “Pete Becker”.
So, as a young woman with a budget in the great dating game, how do you bridge this gap? We’ll be exploring some of the ways whereby you can walk through the valley of dating without breaking the bank and exhausting all your money.

1. Plan a Picnic Date

Picnics are very intimate romantic events and the best part is they do not cost a lot. A couple of snacks, a bottle of wine, your comfiest blanket, and a beautiful weather are all you need for a picnic date. Also, the location of your picnic is important. You could pick a place with beautiful scenery like a beach, or grassy plains atop a hill overlooking a town or city. You can also go for interesting choices. An example is a spot near a private airfield where you can watch the planes take off.

If you want to make things more interesting, you can incorporate more activities into your date such as:

  • Flying a kite
  • Going for a scenic drive to explore and better appreciate the beauties of the picnic location
  • Fireworks at the beach

2. Movie Nights Without Netflix and Expensive Cinemas

Movie nights make up some of the memorable moments that couples love to recall. “Netflix and chill” doesn’t quite meet the criteria here. There’s just something special about being outdoors, the cool evening breeze, and going to see a movie with your partner.

A lot of communities organize movie nights in popular locations like parks or community centers. All you have to do is show up with your chairs, blankets, and of course, snacks. You might want to grab a local newspaper to stay up to date on such events.

Also, you can have your movie night in a drive-in theater. Check your map and search for drive-ins close to you and you just might be in for a treat. For 20$, you can have a wonderful movie night/dating experience.

3. Dinner at a Fancy Restaurant

Uhm yeah, you read that right. You can enjoy a happy hour meal at a fancy restaurant at a very reasonable price. It shouldn’t be hard to do this, because a lot of restaurants offer this special. You can have a great time in a wonderfully romantic setting with a couple of drinks and some food.

4. Late Evening Strolls

Who said you have to be stationary on your date? Make some findings, do some research and pick the perfect route, and you can have a beautiful date. A perfect example is an evening stroll on the beach. You can walk arms-linked, talking, joking, and laughing as you take in the scenery and the cool evening breeze.

5. Exercising Together

There’s a saying that goes thus, “couples who work out together stay together”. You don’t need a fancy restaurant date to bond and feel closer to your partner.

Pick a fairly common jogging route and go for a run together. This can be a fun and exhilarating experience, not to mention that you get the added advantage of improving your overall health. You can even make a little competition out of it with wagers where the loser does whatever the winner wants!

6. Cheer on Your Local Team

If you are sports fans and want to cheer on your favorite professional team with your partner, you don’t have to break the bank to get tickets to see your team play. There is a cheaper, less stressful way to go about it.

You can pick a local team in your area that you both like and make it a point to go watch them play regularly. Let’s face it, the beauty of following your favorite team is the crowd of people that also gather to do the same. As long as your local sports team provides that, you can spend quality time with your partner at these games.

7. Go Dancing!

Get your dancing shoes ready because it’s dancing time! It doesn’t have to be a club or even an expensive dance class. You can look for affordable dance classes in your neighborhood, learn some intimate dancing styles, and have a memorable dating experience.

It’s normal to worry about money when you’re planning a date, but, there are ways to have fun and make beautiful memories with your partner without worrying about going broke.