What Are the Most Common Causes of Relationship Problems?

In recent years, there’s been a drop in both marriage and divorce rates. One thing, however, remains constant: relationship problems.

Are you at the beginning of a beautiful and exciting new relationship? How can you keep the love alive while building faith and trust in each other?

The key is to identify (and try to avoid) bad behaviors that lead to serious relationship problems. Here are some common challenges that couples face.

1. Infidelity

One of the most common reasons couples seek relationship counselling is infidelity or unfaithfulness. Once that bond of trust is broken, it can be very difficult to piece it back together.

Keep in mind that infidelity doesn’t just include a sexual relationship with another person. Emotional infidelity can be just as dangerous and damaging. Learn to be a good listener and always show compassion for your partner, and you shouldn’t have to worry about a broken relationship.

2. Major Life Changes

Some couples hit rocky ground when they face a major or unexpected life change. This might include:

  • A new baby
  • Caring for aging parents
  • A serious physical or mental illness
  • Job loss or financial problems
  • A new, more demanding job
  • Moving to a new city, state, or country
  • Empty nest syndrome after the kids leave home
  • Transitioning into retirement

It’s understandable that these life transitions create more stress on each individual and on their relationship. If you’ve recently faced a big life change, keep the lines of communication open and let your partner know how you’re feeling.

3. Attitude Towards Money 

Money is undoubtedly one of the biggest topics that couples argue about. This could be due to a variety of reasons, from not having enough of it to not agreeing on how to spend it.

For example, one of you might be passionate about saving or investing, while the other wants to spend money on immediate comforts and conveniences. Or, because of bad past experiences, one person may have trust issues when it comes to how the other spends or saves their money.

Of course, the loss of a job, mounting debt, and unpaid bills are serious stressors regardless of your relationship status. Reaffirm your commitment to each other as you ride out life’s inevitable financial storms.

4. Different Expectations

Once the initial excitement of a new relationship wears off, many couples find themselves on two different pages, so to speak. 

Maybe one of you is more interested in something fun and casual, while the other wants a serious commitment that leads to marriage. You may have different views about how much time to spend with friends or other family members. You may also have different priorities when it comes to career, education, or how to raise children.

Like the other relationship problems we discussed, communication is the key to identifying and overcoming these challenges.

Avoid These Major Relationship Problems

There’s no such thing as a perfect couple, despite what you see in the movies. However, with time and effort, you can avoid these major relationship problems and have a happy, secure relationship.

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